5 Tips for WordPress Plugin Developers

5 Tips for WordPress Plugin Developers

WordPress has become the most used blogging and publishing platforms on the internet. Most of the companies use WordPress to develop their sites today, which is increasing the demands of WordPress developers. As a beginner plugin developer, if you are looking for the best ways to use WordPress on your websites, these tips will help you out throughout the process.

Use Ubiquity Firefox add-on

You can speed up your development with this add-on tool for Firefox, which is developed by Mozilla Labs. Ubiquity gives you access to WordPress and PHP documentation with two plugins – PHP Search and WP Codex Search. Ubiquity is a mashup that helps developers come up with creative ideas, while some of the ideas can transform into a brand new plugin.

Use Ubiquity Firefox add-on

The official ideas forum

When you run out of ideas for developing a new plugin, you can refer to the official ideas forum for new plugin ideas. Generating new plugins is as important as creating new themes for websites. The official ideas forum has plenty of ideas to create new plugins, and more new ideas get posted every day.

The WordPress Plugin Directory

The role of a plugin developer is as important as the UI developer. WordPress has a separate home for keeping the plugin directory. It has several advantages, including the one that you do not have to pay for hosting and bandwidth. Setting up your plugin directory will not take much time either, and you can start building your directory within an hour.

Make a proper readme.txt file

With every plugin, you will need to provide a readme.txt file which will be worth it if you spend time to write it properly. If you have a well explained readme.txt file, you can expect more downloads from the users. People like well-described plugins to understand their function properly. If you think ahead, you can answer all the doubts of people in the file without having to update it time to time for new FAQs.

Promote your plugin

There are many ways you can promote your plugin among the users. You need maximum exposure and downloads for your plugin to become successful. One way to do it is to go to the WordPress Plugins and Hacks forums and create a new topic such as “New Plugin”. Describe your plugin in a short paragraph that can inform the users in as less as possible. You can also create a new topic at the Weblog Tools Collection forum using the same description. Add your plugin to wp-plugins.net as the users also check this site for plugins. You can also announce your plugin in your personal blog, so your audience can get the first updates about your new plugins.

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