7 Key Features of Popular WordPress Themes

7 Key Features of Popular WordPress Themes

platform which offers thousands of themes for the websites and blogs that you visit every day. Since it is easy to use the platform, any beginner level developer can quickly set up their home page with drag and drop tools. The themes available on WordPress allows each developer to create a unique theme for their website. Here are some of the features of WordPress themes which make them different from every other theme.

Responsive Design

One of the key features of WordPress themes is responsive designs. The designs can automatically adjust to all kinds of devices with the same theme. The developers do not have to work to create device friendly websites, as the themes are made to adjust to the screen sizes of the devices automatically.

Responsive Design

Social Sharing

Social sharing is another key feature that every website needs today, and WordPress provides it. The developers can easily choose the designs that allow sharing across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Engaging social media platforms on your website can help you grow more traffic from different channels.

Page Styles

WordPress allows flexible page styles for developers to be creative while designing their website. Each industry and business can have a unique page style for themselves. Many of the themes have multiple page styles to choose from. These styles can support seamless transitions from one page to another to make the site look more professional and polished.

Auto upgrade

Many developers create updates for their themes to get the best response from their users. The features may seem small but can make a significant difference on the website after the upgrade. Such developers also provide good support for their themes to keep them popular among users.


There are plenty of widgets that can be used to customize the website in many ways. One can find hundreds of widgets that can match their website and choose the most effective ones. There are plenty of places around the website to put widgets like calendar, clock, scroll up button, etc. which the developers can use to make their site more attractive.


Theme Customization

Using a stock theme can keep the website quick and easy to operate, but many developers prefer to customize their themes to make their site look different. From type to colour, every small change can help the website to look unique. There are plenty of elements that can be added or removed from the website to give it a more personal look.


SEO is an inbuilt feature in the WordPress theme. It is important for every website that wants to grow with the right SEO strategies. The All-in-one SEO pack offers the right tools and indicators that can help the developers to optimize their content for better rankings.

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