Tips for Best Practices in WordPress Development

Tips for Best Practices in WordPress Development

Working with a WordPress Plugin or a WordPress theme is not difficult if you know some of the important aspects of it. There are always new opportunities to discover for the WordPress web developers. Whether it is a simple plugin update or a new design for the blog, if the developer learns the new features early, it can help in building the best WordPress site. These tips will help for best practices in WordPress development.

Make site updates in a test environment

The first tip to follow is to make the website changes in a test environment and avoid the live site. If you make changes in the live site, the chances are that your site can crash if anything goes wrong. If the site is more than a blog and carries out business transactions, such crashes can result in a significant loss. To prevent this risk, always update your website in a test environment before you update your live website.

The Gutenberg editor

Gutenberg editor was introduced with WordPress 5.0 in 2018, which is a new editor plugin. You can use this plugin to safely edits your site without causing a risk to the live site. With Gutenberg, creating content is much easier, and you can get new ideas for formatting future articles. If you are a developer, you can import a copy of your live website into your local environment and use WordPress 5.0 to do some changes to find out how your website’s content react to Gutenberg.

Gutenberg editor

Update your themes and plugins

WordPress is always improving while providing the best practices to the developers to implement on their websites. If you have not made any new changes in the past two years on your website, now is the time to do it. It may feel daunting at first to run through all the sites that you manage, but it is important to update your websites for speed and clarity. The outdated plugins and versions may have vulnerabilities that can put the site to risk.

Make your site mobile friendly

Another important thing for you to do today is to make your site mobile friendly. Most of the users today spend more time browsing the internet on their mobile phones. If your website is up to date with the plugins of WordPress, there is a high chance that your site is already compatible with smaller screens. But you will need to run a test and check if all the components work fine. Otherwise, the visitors might stumble across a pretty weird experience on your site while they sift through their phones.

site mobile friendly

Add SSL certificate to your site

The SSL certificates are important today to all the websites which hold sensitive information of the users. It is the best practice that you need to implement on your websites today even when you are opening a simple blog.

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